Blowing The Budget – But It Was Worth It

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When booking a table at the Ledbury restaurant – a quote I heard from a TV chef came to mind “Restaurants are not a revenue stream – there a bottomless pit that you throw money into & hope one day you get your money back!” But hey that was a quote from a restaurateur turned trouble shooter – may be he was just trying  “selling the fear” & get more bucks for his bang!

As customer or dinning guest you could often use the trouble shooters same analogy when dinning out – throwing money at this restaurant & hoping for a decent meal. I knew that my meal at the Ledbury restaurant was going to be a dinning out experience of epic proportions.

The meal was composed around a six course lunch, five different tasting wines is now firmly ranked as the best dinning out experience in my twenty five years in the Hospitality industry. Superlatives are not enough to describe this dinning experience.

The service was professional, friendly & very relaxed – I was guided through my wine choice by the fantastically knowledgeable sommelier. From my 2010 Riesling, Young wines, Crawford River from Western Victoria which melted into my “Ceviche of scallops of seaweed & herb oil, kohlrabi & frozen English wasabi” A taste of the sea!

Ceviche of Scallops from Ledbury website slideshow

I know when it’s going to be a great meal when all you do is smile with ever  morsel of food you taste. Flame grilled mackerel with smoked eel, Celtic mustard & Shiso – the finest execution fish cookery, how you can get mackerel to taste sweet,acidic & warm was a signal for me to reach for my old chef whites & plough into the kitchen & ask for a job!  2009 sequillo white, Eben Sadie from South Africa spanned the  & the next course of Steamed White Asparagus with Duck Ham, Parmesan & Mousserons Cooked in Earl Grey Tea. A marriage of flavours that tell you this is why I love food. Earthy, clean columns of asparagus with the perfect elements-seasonal cooking at its finest.

If you are a red wine buff & a stead fest fan of “Red from europe only for me please” then go seek out this 2007 merlot, Cafaro from the Napa Valley you may emigrate to North America just to be closer to a merlot – probaly the most delicous glass of red I have had the good fortune to taste. Feather blade of ruby beef with smoked bone marrow, pickled walnuts & crisp potato. Rich, earthy, velet, melting bone marrow – a robe of flavour covering slow cooked  beef . Unadultered red meat-beef tasting of beef!

When your on a roll – you roll with it. Two desserts & a glass of 2011 Moscato d’asti, La Morandina, Piedmont in Italy. Whipped ewes milk yoghurt with strawberries, blueberries & sweet cicely meringues. Pretty as a picture & such delicate flavours, but move over for Pave of chocolate with milk puree & lovage ice cream. Silky smooth chocolate & the stand out lovage ice cream. Go their taste it – lovage ice cream will be your new fix.

The Ledbury Restaurant, 127 Ledbury Road, London w11 2AQ.