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Martin Lynch Food 1.6.16Hospitality Solutions is all about achieving excellence in food businesses. We’ve been helping businesses in the food sector to improve their bottom line – with clear, measurable success.

Our founder, Martin Lynch, has outstanding international experience, working with some of the world’s best chefs, business owners and entrepreneurs, such as Gary Rhodes, Nico Ladenis and Paul Flynn.

From a background that includes senior chef positions in Michelin Star restaurants in England and in some of the best-known kitchens in Ireland, Martin Lynch brings comprehensive knowledge and experience to his mentoring and consultancy business.

His diverse skill-set and meticulous knowledge of the food industry, means he is as comfortable working with businesses helping them increase their profitability, as he is at helping them meet their legislative food safety requirements.

Martin’s Hospitality Solutions business attracts clients from across the spectrum of the food, drinks and hospitality sectors and offers mentoring, product and business development, cost management, food safety and accreditation among its specialised selection of services.

Drawing on his wealth of industry expertise and food industry contacts, Martin helps businesses achieve maximum quality and profits while meeting legislative obligations.

A specialist business skills mentor for Local Enterprise Office clients and the NI Business Opportunity Programme, Martin is head of Centre for training at the Food Safety Professionals Association of Ireland and a member of the Donegal Food Coast Steering Committee.

Martin’s goal was always to bring a high standard of excellence to every business so that whatever the niche, the business could be strongly profitable while delivering a quality service, product and meeting its legislative obligations.

We work with businesses of all types in the hospitality, drinks and food sector; from five star hotels and public organisations to restaurants, pubs, delis and artisan producers. In each case, we use Martin’s expertise to provide one-to-one advice that improves quality, sustainability and increases profitability.

To find out more about our services visit: Business Development & Profitability, Food Safety and Customer Care . Get in touch to see how we can help

Dinning at Restaurant Arzak 3 star spain

Dinning at Restaurant Arzak 3 star Spain with Elena Arzak

Martin Lynch Hospitality Solutions with Richard Corrigan and Food Buisnesses at Donegal County Enterprise Board Enterprise WeekMartin Lynch | Hostpitality Solutions | Richard Corrigan