Business Development & Profitability

Do you know how much each item costs on each plate of food you send out? What about the napkins and table dressings? How are your energy costs? Every cent counts.

Food bills are set to rise rapidly over the next 10 years: Flour by 20% and poultry and butter by a staggering 30% and 40% respectively.

We can help.

Our clients achieve on average a 10% reduction in core food costs and related expenditure. We can help you to better that average.

Controlling your costs & increasing your profit

  • Accurate costing of food items, menus and products – how to achieve a consistent healthy gross profit margin with a manageable food cost which will in turn reflect accurate portions or yields from recipes.
  • Price agreements and negotiations – how to win effective contracts with suppliers.
  • Labour cost and Rota numbers – how to service a business from a cost effective wage budget % savings on weekly basis over x 52 weeks = A big savings
  • Lean Hospitality – your business design, layout, work flow, what efficiency savings are on offer
  • Mentoring on a business to business level – individual cost savings
  • “purchase in season” & “purchase local” – how applicable is this to your business

Yes, you will have an initial outlay if you believe we can help, but just look at the return – you will get much more back in immediate cost savings and long-term strategic enhancements to your business. Call us today on 00353 872449747