Customer Care

The art of profitable hospitality is service that sells. What does this mean to your business? How do you treat your customer from the first point of contact?

From the moment they see your website online or open your door to the moment they finish their pint, meal or show and leave, a customer’s impression of your establishment is being made every second. And that translates into profit or loss on that occasion, repeat business in the future and word of mouth marketing.

Are you confident you’ve got it right from the Greet, Meet & Feet?

And how do you sell your restaurant, bar, hotel, diner – this is where friendship, loyalty, and of course the feel good factor that leads to repeat business starts. Remember, 90% of all communication is non-verbal. Have you got it right?

We can help you attract the right customers by offering exceptional service that remains cost effective for your business.


Service that sells:


  • Great, Meet & Feet – find out how you can make the customer’s entire experience fabulous, whether you’re a pizzeria or a Michelin Star restaurant.
  • Training – target specific training needs and have staff who believe in your business and what you’re trying to achieve.
  • Ambiance & décor – the presentation of your place, staff dress and attitude code. Remember, 90% of all communication is non-verbal. Have you got it right?
  • What market? – know your customer! Research your target market and fulfill them.
  • Mystery shop service – know your competitors! Be aware of the fact and figures of your marketplace and the latest changes.
  • Menus and up selling – logical ways to improve your offering in keeping with your brand and changes in the market.
  • Marketing – Unique Selling Points are ingredients so use them. Are you part of a food scene group, trend or trail? Check out new menus and concepts or maybe new markets for existing business.


Yes, you will have an initial outlay if you believe we can help, but just look at the return – you will get much more back in immediate cost savings, sales and long-term strategic enhancements to your business. Call us today on 00353 74 9149892