Fundamentals of a restaurant business



I was fortunate enough to attend the press launch of a local enterprise week. The event was hosted by Donegal County Enterprise Board. This was nothing out of the ordinary – a Skype link & few words by Kevin Kelly (a key note speaker & doer!) & that’s when the ordinary became the extra ordinary. Kevin Kelly revealed a great information nugget, quite simply “Analysis your Idea, what matters isn’t what you lack, what matters isn’t your idea. What matters is what you do. What will you do?” But all business starts with an idea. So in the restaurant business how much “Anaylsising of your/their idea” do restaurateurs’ carry out?

The two key fundamentals to a restaurant business are the Food & Service. How do you apply the “Anaylsising” theory to these fundamentals.



What area does your food occupy?

Does passion cloud your food businesses judgement?

How much does business apply in your business?

Expertise or aspirations on your menu?

Food cost, what are my food costs?


Service its as great as our food

Only the Americans do service!

Its not as important as the food, really, honestly?

We smile at our customers

Our customers – make our business

The above points – true or false off a Restaurant Business that you know?